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Motherboard loses power when sleeping. Takes 30 seconds to wake up from sleeping.


My new build uses a MSI MEG Creation x399 motherboard and a Threadripper 2990wx. When I put it to sleep the motherboard loses all power (all the lights turn off), visually it looks the same than if I had just turned off the PC.

The only difference is that when is sleeping the power button in my case stays blinking instead of completely off.

When I try to resume from sleep the PC takes around 30 seconds to wake up.

My understanding is that on sleep mode the motherboard will keep feeding power to the ram modules so they don't loose the information so it can wake up very fast..


Does anyone have any idea what could be causing the motherboard to not retain power during sleep?


Things I've tried:

-Turning off "Fast Startup" on power settings

-Using a different power supply.

-Removing some sticks of RAM.

-Turning off Hybrid Sleeping

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