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Motherboard RAM and VGA compatibility




I've set out to put together my first PC since 2012 to get back on track with the modern day stuff, but I'm unsure about a two miniscule things that I'd hoped someone here could lend me a hand me with.

1.) I was thinking about getting a GIGABYTE Aorus Elite mobo. On their memory support list they have HX432C16PB3K2/16 and .../36 RAMs from Kingston, which are both 8GB sized cards. However there is no RAM listed that'd end with a /8 (same model number before the slash) which I was planning on using in dual channel. (This one's 4GB in size.) Is the number after the slash important? I've heard this motherboard is really picky with its RAM.

2.) This might be a silly question, but up until a few hours ago I was sure that if I had a VGA with a PCI-E 3.0 bus and the mobo had a PCI-E 16x slot I could use them together no matter what. Is this true? I wanted to keep using my old GTX 660 for a while longer before I upgraded that too, but on their compatibility list it's nowhere to be found.


I haven't bought anything just yet, want to make sure everything is compatible first. I can't really afford a misstep. Thanks very much in advance!

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