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Crucial Ballistix DDR4 overclocking: voltage too low?


Hey guys first time posting on this forum so a little bit nervous :) hope it's alright


I got 2 sticks of Crucial Ballistix DDR4 rams which were set to 2400mhz 1.2v and 16-16-16-39 CR2 by default, since I struggled to overclock my CPU further so I'm dealing with ram now.

I'm currently running them at 2866mhz 1.255v and 16-17-17-36 CR1 with no issue playing games and doing light video editing; I've also increased the vSOC to 1.075v


My CPU is 1700X and the motherboard is ASUS Strix B450-I (an ITX board) paired with a GTX1080


My concern is that is the voltage too low for the frequency I set to run?

I've looked some reviews and they said they could only get 2666 under 1.35v for the same memory module; I think it's possible that they set the timing lower than my timing so they needed more voltage, nevertheless I could not find that post so I can't confirm this.


I don't dare to try something like memtest since I thought such a heavy stress test may cause an immediate crash and proves it's unstable under extreme condition, therefore I'll have to either lower the frequency or increase the voltage;

but I did run Aida 64 system stability test, with memory stress option ticked and got no problem after half an hour, so I thought let's throw some games to it and see if games crashes


Fortunately games I ran worked with no issue, pubg, rainbow six siege, monster hunter world, everything seems stable with minor increases depending on titles;

I thought pubg was limited by the single core performance of my CPU so I see no big difference in fps but for rainbow six siege I got around 20fps boost in average and it's working for a week until now


Just want to know, should I actually run a heavy stress test on the memory, or could I just get away with it because everything so far seems fine?


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Crashes don't damage anything, run Memtest86 if you care about stability. 

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