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Liquid Metal in Laptops.


So I have ordered Liquid Metal for my laptop (Asus ZenBook Pro 15 2018 - UX580GE )- Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut. I know these things about liquid metal:

  • Don't use it with aluminium heat sinks.
  • Apply a very thin layer of it on the die and heat sink
  • It's conductive
  • Cover the transistors and exposed traces with electrical tape that can withstand 100C or clear nail polish.

I have repasted my laptop with Aeronaut already, but before i repaste it with LM i had these questions:

  • What are the chances of it seeping out while carrying my laptop?
  • Have You tried LM on your laptop? If yes how is it holding up? Have you broken something with LM?

Also before repasting my main laptop i'll test LM on an old laptop so i can get some practice.

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The chance of it seeping out is pretty low (As long as you've applied it correctly).

I used liquid metal on a super old laptop of mine just to gain some experience with it. It worked well (albeit not much better than stock) for the time until my screen died.


Generally, I wouldn't recommend using liquid metal. The gains are just too small for it to be worth it for most people.

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I was happy enough using Arctic Silver on my laptop, today I decided it wasn't worth the efforr to use LM. The improvement over stock paste was really good, and any risks for slightly more improvement isn't really something I'm willing to risk experimenting with.

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