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Razer Blade Stealth 2016 shuts down a few seconds after starting to boot


The problem is with an early 2016 Razer Blade Stealth, the skylake one (rz09-01682e22-r3u1).  This started when I reinstalled/reset windows 10 from the option in settings, walked away while it reset, came back to it being off.  when i tried turning it on, the razer logo boot screen popped up for a few seconds, then it shut down.  Laptop was bought on ebay about a month ago, so no warranty to void/fall back on.  


What i've tried:


disconnecting battery for a bit.

unplugging cmos battery for a bit.

removing m.2 drive, which allowed me to get into the bios, but only for a few seconds still.

f9 recovery mode


I also tried Razer's live chat tech support twice, I told them all of this (except for the part where I opened the laptop), first time they told me to send it in because it's probably motherboard damage, the seconds one though told me that i would be disconnected from the chat when I shut down the computer to try to enter recovery mode... as if I was chatting to them... from a laptop that won't boot...  Any help is welcome, i can't see a windows reset causing board damage.    



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