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2400mhz vs 3200mhz for Video Editing/3D Modeling/Gaming PC


So it's a long story but I currently use a single memory stick on a single channel due to many stupid reasons and It has been like that for months due to lack of money for pc parts,

right now I am looking to get 32 GB RAM, and I'm thinking

should I get a cheap 16x2 2400 mhz or is it better that I invest now in 3200mhz that will be more "future proof" yes I know there is no such thing as "future proof" but you know what I mean :)

the question is how much will it actually help in performance for video editing/3d modeling/rendering etc etc

I know that for gaming it has such a minor performance increase that it's a joke to even think about, 

but for the former I have no idea how much it actually helps and if it's worth the money.

I have 6700k (I read that Ryzen CPUs do care about memory for performance).

so I'd love to know if it's worth my money to get a 3200Mhz.


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if you have the budget for the 32gb 3200hmz, go for it. those task you mentioned really benefits with high ram bandwidth. 32gb is a lot for my opinion, but that will allow you to multi-task without any hiccups. 


But if i will do the same upgrade as you, i'll buy 2x8 first (with that speed) and see if it will be enough for me. This will save up some cash to buy other stuff or upgrade and i can just purchase another pair down the road.


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