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Rival 310 doubleclick and trying to fix on my own

Hi I bought the rival 310 a few months ago and im having double click issues and the store i bought it from here in the philippines aint clear on warranty so imma try and fix this on my own if i get no response. I saw video on youtube with someone fixing the problem by replacing the switch with omron switches, looked easy enough lol. So my question is do all omron switches fit with the rival 310 or is there a specific model I need to get? The only model i can find in an online store here in my country is the d2fc-f-7n. Will this work? And as someone who has never done this is it as easy as the video makes it? 

 this is the video



Oh and i also found some houano clickers. Are they the same? Are all mouse clickers the same shape and size? 


I opened up my cheaper mouse which had is cable cut due to well, mice, and it had huano switches. Maybe I'll just recycle these lol

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This might help, helped me: 1. Unplug mouse; 2. Spam mouse buttons with clicks for 30sec to release traped electricity; 3. Plug mouse back 4. Double click issue gone for some days 5. Repeat if problem comes back

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