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Graphics card works for 5-10s when booting then black.




So I just swapped a few parts for my wife's pc, swapped motherboard, cpu and ram. All went fine and installed windows from scratch, set up all her games and made sure they worked and the saves were there.

When all was said and done I was just going to show her how good it would feel now with the new cpu and booted two games at the same time. Screen flickered when they turned on and then nothing.

Waited maybe 4-5min because the the computer didn't sound like it was working so I just figured windows died. Held the power button and booted it after it shutoff. It started to boot and then turned off again and then started again but just stayed there for a good 10min..

After taking out the gpu, clearing cmos multiple times I've come to the conclusion that if I let the power out of the card, it will work and display a perfect image for about 5-10s. Just enough to get into bios and then poff blackness. Also to note, can't press ctrl + alt + del to restart it when the screen is blank so there's that..


Tried the card in my computer and the exact same thing happens.


Now my question. Can I be sure it's the graphics card that just died from beeing old/defective or should I suspect the psu (which is also old but shows ok volts in hwmonitor though I kind of don't have a clue what is ok..) or maybe even the brand new motherboard? Anyone else had a similar situation?


the computer consists of:

Msi x470 gaming plus
Ryzen 2600x 
Strix gtx 970
500w psu (think its a corsair)
Corsair 3000mhz cl15 rgb


Thanks in advance!


ps: I just put an old graphics card in the computer and it seems to be working fine but again, can I be sure it's not the motherboard or psu that caused it?


update: so its been laying in a box for about 10h and I tried pluggin it in again and now I got as far as into windows and played around with the mouse for a good 10s in windows and its back to its usual. though the second startup I got into bios and it worked for ~5-8s in bios so it seems its a goner. Talked to my supplier and it's still under warranty for another 3months so I think I lucked out! Sending it back asap.

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