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pc makes usb or device disconnect sound then freezes


hello guys!!


I have an issue with my pc where it would makes a device or usb disconnected sound then freezes.


I already tried to troubleshoot the issue by performing a clean install of windows 10, and using the pc with no drivers installed but it still doing the issue.


I've tried to reseat all cables after I've dismantled my pc.


Tried to install Windows 10 using just my nvme m.2 ssd, tried using just the hdd as well still doing the issue.


the happens when I'm browsing or watching a movie never while gaming. I have no screenshots nor videos to shows due to it happening ramdomly.


please help as I'm concern if it's just one component causing the issue it would affect all my components.


Thanks in advance guys!


My Build.

Ryzen 3 2200g

16gb Corsair dominator platinums 3000mhz dual channel

Asrock AB350m pro 4

Adata sx6000 nvme m.2 ssd

1tb seagate hdd

MSI Geforce GTX 1070ti

Seasonic ml12 evo 520watts 80plus bronze



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