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New to server realm, need help.


I've rescued a retired Dell PowerEdge R510 that my work was going to toss in the scrap heap.




2x 750w Power supply

2x Intel Xeon 5650


7TB Hard drive space total


I've been wanting to build a Plex server for some time now and this is overkill, so my plan now is to run FreeNAS on it with Plex and a couple of VMs for Ubuntu Desktop & Server, with the Ubuntu Desktop VM serving as an ARMA 3 server for the group I play that with.


My main question is about a UPS for this server. I'm not sure I know what I would need to look for so I would appreciate being pointed in the right direction. I would only need it to provide 15 minutes of power.


I would also want to route all network connections in my home through the server as I would like to have this serve as my VPN connection to all devices on the network (I use VPN Unlimited). If anyone knows some tutorials, that would be great.




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If you want to run this broad of a spectrum of services you might be best off running something like vmware(ESXi) then handing off hardware devices the each VM. I don't recommend using FreeNAS's Bhyve VM software as it won't handle the VM requests you've listed.


As for the UPS. You'll need to measure how much power the server draws while running then pick a UPS or two that can handle that much power. Thinking about it a pair of APC BX1500G's would probably get it done but don't take that info like it's the way to go. UPS's aren't my exact field. You might want something that's more high-end designed for servers. Like true sign-wave capable.

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