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World of Warcraft 8.1 patch help. Game black screens.


ok so I know this should go on blizzards form but i cant post there for some reason.

Anyway my friend is having an issue with the game black screening after this new patch. Blizzard stands firm its not them (even though it might be)

But anyway had him update his AMD GPU driver he has 7650m GPU with Intel HD 4000 GPU.  I guess from what people are saying is

the game is having issue's changing the GPU's or something. People uninstall there AMD GPU and the game works fine with the HD 4000 but thats

not a very good fix. I'm not sure how to get a newer driver than the 2015 one i told him to install. I'm not sure how to force the game to run

with the AMD GPU. He doesn't know computer's that will. He's only 14 and I'm not with him to touch the PC myself. I need an easy guide for 14 year old who

doesn't know hardly anything about PC's


Not sure where to find older drivers either.

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