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GTX 1060 Laptop clock drops




My laptops video card is heavily underperforming and I'm trying to fix this. To give some information about the specs and what I've tried yet. It's an Asus GL503VM laptop. When gaming the max temps the CPU and GPU reach is about 70 degrees celcius. But the problem with the video card is the heavy drops. The GPU core clock drops to around 100-200 MHz and the memory clock drops down to 810, I also have heavy fps drops at that moment. It's already running on high performance, in Windows 10 and in the NVidia control panel. I also tried GPU-Z to measure the results and the clocks were the same as in other programs. I tried multiple versions of the NVidia drivers, they didn't affect the performance. Also updating my bios hasn't fixed the drops. I tried undervolting my CPU and GPU but that didn't affect the drops either.  I used MSI afterburner and Intel XTU. It ONLY happens when I'm playing games, it doesn't matter what game I play even if it's 10 years old. The games are barely playable and sometimes they just completely freeze. If anyone has any solution I could try I would really appreciate that, because my laptop is currently useless for gaming when I'm not home. Thanks.

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