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PC randomly restarting and getting ram error on mobo


Title says it all, my pc is randomly restarting and sometimes I get a ram error on my motherboard and other times it boots right up again. I've tried pulling out the ram and reseating it that has worked so far, but had the same thing happen last night and reseating did not work. I just took out the ram probably 15 times and reseated it this morning and it fixed it for now, but pc keeps restarting every couple hours, under no load or playing a game just randomly. All the fans keep running but one.


PC Specs:

CPU: i7 7700k (not over clocked)

GPU: EVGA gtx 1080 ftw2

Motherboard: MSI b250m bazooka

RAM: Gskill ripjaw 2133 

PSU: evga supernova g3 750w 

SSD: samsung 860 evo sata ssd

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I really do not know, I have had it in there for well over a year with no issues. I made sure my mobo could use it before I bought it, but that's all the research I did when I bought it. 

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