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PC Freeze all the time


I recently build my new pc (all parts are new) and since the first boot in to windows i have sometimes freezes that take like 20 seconds. The Pc just stops in random times and after 15-20 sec its normal again. It does not matter if im in a game or on youtube or facebook... or even the login screen. it just did that while i was typing...


So the specs are:


Ryzen 5 2600 (not overclocked, stock out of the box)

Sapphire RX vega 56

16 GB DDR4 G.Skill Aegis 3000mhz

 B450 Tomahawk MSI Mobo

480GB Kingston SSD

650W Be Quiet PSU bronze+

Artics Freezer 33 esports one cpu cooler


XMP was on on the start what overheated my cpu so i changet the stock cooler for the aftermarket one and turned XMP off. But still the freezes. The thing i changed in the bios is the Ram speed. First off it shower only 2400 mhz, so i updated the bios and there were 2 profiles for ram. One was 2800mhz and one 3000mhz. So i went with the second one. Just did a windows memory test, no problems at all. And what i can see is that when it freezes my SSD usage on task manager skyrockets on 100% and when it stops it drops on 1-2%. I tryed unpluging and conecting the ssd again, but nothing changed. All the connections are good. 


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Make sure that windows and all your drivers are up to date and maybe run a diagnostic on the ssd

Optical Drive Poll: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1006309-optical-drive-survey/

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