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List of interesting unusual Bluetooth Earbud products


Thought I'd start a new thread..


What makes a bluetooth product interesting or rare?


Good or Interesting:

-- Presence of Class 1 Range "100m" Specification

-- Presence of AptX , or even better, APTX-LL

-- good fit for freedom of movement without a badly designed cable (Like the mpow swift's al dente spaghetti cable)

-- proprietary wireless dongle instead of bluetooth.



Not Important / Not Interested

-- "total wireless" or not

-- AAC support

-- Microphone Calling quality (they all suck)

-- Larger Full-size bluetooth headphones


I'm looking at the Sennheiser HD series whict at least has APTX-LL.


List of good transmitters:





I'm trying to Insert a tablet into this post and having trouble




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