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Mic Cutting out driving me insane.


Hi everyone,


So I recently bought new parts for my pc (keep in mind I had no issues with the same headset beforehand). I bought an ASUS Strix z370-f gaming motherboard with a 2700x and 3000mhz ram. My issue is that for some reason, I will be watching a video while on discord with friends, or loading into a game, and my mic stops working. No one can hear me until i reconnect on discord. When it happens while watching a video i will hear a small static noise. I have tried to reinstall all of my audio drivers, to no avail. I have now turned off my HD audio on the motherboard, and am just using the headset itself. This seems to be working a lot better but I am still getting it occasionally. This narrows it down to being 3 things (I think!) The psu (500W) isnt able to provide enough power, my headset is messing up or the motherboard has an issue with the sound. The problem I have is that I cant find a solution anywhere. Astro have been no help at all, nor have overclockers (where I got the pc parts). If anyone is able to help me that would be great! Thanks 

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