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Basic fans question for b450m pro4 mobo and best solution

Hello guys my question is pretty basic.

I purchased Asrock b450m pro4 and it has :

1 x CPU Fan Connector (4-pin)

1 x CPU/Water Pump Fan Connector (4-pin)

3 x Chassis/Water Pump Fan Connectors (4-pin)

So i plan to use 3 fans for intake, 1 for exhaust and my question is would you recommend 1 of chassis headers for exhaust and the other 2 for 2 of my intake ones and the last one plugged into the CPU/Water Pump Fan Connector or leave that free and buy splitter and just use 1 header for 2 fans. 

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It doesn't matter, you can control the speeds on all of them with some software. If you use the second CPU fan header, it will just follow the speed of the first CPU fan header.

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You can also use all your intakes on one chassis fan header using a splitter, doesn't matter.

I would use a splitter, then you can control all the input fans at once, no need for creating multiple curves, and then have the outtake on a different header.


I only see your reply if you @ me.

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