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How to disable iGPU on Z77 board?


So for years the way disabling the iGPU has worked on my ASUS P8Z77-M Pro is under system agent selecting the primary GPU from iGPU to either PCIE or auto. Normally that disables the iGPU. I can't adjust the clock speed in AI Tweaker and plugging in a display does nothing but now for some reason my iGPU is stuck on and nothing will turn it off. Its eating up nearly 1GB of my system memory at all times and when I change the primary display from iGPU to anything else my Windows 10 refuses to boot. I can see the Windows boot animation and when it's done and is about to go to the login page I get nothing but a black screen and my keyboard doesn't power up. Honestly ever since I upgraded to Windows 10 i've been having these issues but going back really isn't an option for obvious reasons.

Any ideas?

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