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PNY 1060 3gb xlr8 fan failing?


I bought this card about a year ago. It's fan in the back(rear panel area) is getting slower and slower. And when I crank it up to 100% with the nvidia program it is going much slower than the other fan. It is also not keeping temps down in games like before. Previously when at 100% it would not go over about 52-55c at worst under full 100% load and all vram used. Now it's going back up to 75% which it reaches under load if the normal fan curve(or possible same issue with the fan) was allowed to do it's thing. Is there any way to fix this. I'm not sure on my rma. I bought it at best buy because it was the only thing available. I don't now if they do rma. I need to see what this one comes with in terms of RMA from pny I'm guessing. Although I've never rmaed anything so I'm not sure of the limitations.


It's fine with just the desktop atm. But I can't play anything intensive until I fix this.


BTW, it also goes through periods where that fan makes weird noises. I wonder if it's trying to rev up or something. Does anyone have any ideas?


I notice something else. Sometimes when I put it to full speed it's only around 1500rpm. Other times it's up to around 1800 rpm. I wonder if something is up. It has two fans. The other one looks like it's doing fine. This one is almost wobbly or uneven in how it runs.


I could try to reverse the fans positions. I wonder if that would help. Or would that just cause another problem? Is it normally possible to buy new fans. they are very small fans that are held in by tiny screws on top of the shroud. They are not normal sized fans.


Does anyone know what is under each of those fans and if the other side is safe to have lesser cooling?


I can't find the box it came in or the warranty info on their website. some have 3 year and some lifetime but only after registering. I can't find the 3gb xlr8 model though to be certain. Only one of the 6gb ones.


It may be under the 3year warranty. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/pny-nvidia-geforce-gtx-1060-xlr8-gaming-oc-edition-3gb-gddr5-pci-express-3-0-graphics-card-black-red/5613853.p?skuId=5613853

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