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Hyper 212 in CM Silencio 352?! now with pics


So, today was my first foray into non-stock air cooling. I had a little cash from some ram I sold, so I went up the road to my local and grabbed the Hyper 212X.

Did I think to check compatibility with my mini tower? Pfffffft no.


Went online to see if anyone had been able to get one in, and the only semi conclusive evidence was this old thread, with a fellow kiwi adamant theirs had fit, but still inconclusive.


I thought what the hell and chucked mine in with the adhesive on and fan off to test for height, so I could return it if it didn't fit. Pleased to say it does.... just.





The top of the heat pipes aren't touching the side of the case. It's tight and not ideal, but it works. I've since reinstalled it properly and am running nice and cool at stock speeds. OC time tomorrow.

Hope this thread helps anyone else wondering about these parts.


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