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Black Screen and Reboots in game


So for some reason when ever I hit an "x" amount of frames my computers display goes black and my pc either just reboots or just acts normal. I have a GTX 1080TI Gigabyte Gaming OC Black 11GB the system powering the card is a I7 8700k

16GB Ram PSU 750 Watt 80 Plus Gold. I have updated my drivers. I have completely uninstall my graphics card and reinstalled it. At first I thought it was a monitor issue but when I tried a different monitor my PC Rebooted. Heres a picture of my computer if it helps. Cs:go is the only game I can load into a game without my screen going black if my frames I locked to 144 instead of unlocked. But most of the time it just goes black. The other games I have tried are RainBow Six Siege, Black Ops 4, Fortnite, And League Of Legends. League I am able to play just fine with zero issues. 


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