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Should I reinstall Windows on brand new laptop?


So I have just bought a Razer Blade Stealth (last years, seeing as they had not released the new one when I bought) and Windows just seems kind of... finiky. When apps close, 9/10 they will not 'release' most of their RAM, so every time I open an app I have to restart to get that RAM back, If I change power states (from plugged in to battery or vice versa) the laptop will just go to sleep, it thermal throttles - yes I know it is Razer, but it throttles randomly. For example, I was unzipping my Lightroom Installer earlier (I use offline installers because my Internet is crap) and the 2GB unzip didn't make it cough at all. Now I am sitting here with Spotify, Chrome (14 tabs) Razer Synapse, Mail, Settings and Task Manager open and its getting a little warm, although at points the fans will ramp up and it will start to heat up, but I cannot see anything in task manager.

Bow down to me humans.

I can't help if you don't quote me. How am I supposed to know if you need my premium support? Now starting at £399.99 a year.

Also, be a sport and mark the correct answer as the correct answer. It will help pour souls in the future when they are stuck and need guidance.

"If it works, proceed to take it apart and 'make it work better.' Then cry for help when it breaks." - Me, about five minutes ago when my train of thought wandered.

Remember kids, A janky solution is still a solution.

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