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No signal to Asus monitor after cleaning PC

I cleaned my PC out, unplugged everything, shot it with air. Now my monitor says no signal when I turn it on, it used to automatically turn on and boot to windows and occasionally the monitor would say no signal but I fixed it everytime by either unplugging the monitor or restarting my pc. All the parts, and fans are working expect for my keyboard, mouse, wifi adapter so basically every USB peripheral. I've tried removing ram, removing HDD, I've tried unplugging PC power cable and montior power cable, I've tried unplugging and holding down the power button for 30-60 seconds, I tried resetting the BIOS by removing the CMOS battery, I tried different cables, I tried HDMI instead of DisplayPort, I tried a different monitor I even bought a new gpu. However I found out on both gpus I believe if I change the display port output on the gpu my monitor will boot up and display the Asus logo then just about when the PC would display it says no signal. Any ideas? Thanks guys.

PC Specs:

CPU: i5 6600k

Old Gpu: GTX 1060 3GB

New Gpu: GTX 1070 TI

RAM: 8GB Ballistix LT Sport 2400MHZ Ram (I ordered an additional 8GB that's not here yet if that mean anything)

PSU: EVGA 500B Power Supply

HDD: 2x WD Blue 1TB HDD

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