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Nvidia Settings Reset with Ghost Image on Different PC


Hi all,


We have a large lan center with about 100 PCs with GTX 1080s in them. We also have 1080p 240hz BenQ monitors. 


I set 240hz in the Nvidia Control Panel under the "PC" 1080p resolution. I also set "Preferred Refresh Rate" in 3D settings to "Highest Available". Restart a few times, works great.


I make an image using FOG (Free Open Ghost). I apply the image to a new PC. PC starts up, and it's at 60 Hz. Nvidia has me re-accept the ToS when I go to the Nvidia Control Panel. Resolution is set to 1080p 60hz under "Ultra HD, HD, SD" resolutions.


Resources on this sort of scenario are limited, and I can't really find any other solutions online for the resolution and refresh rate being reset. 


Edit: I should clarify that I currently delete the user profile on Shut Down. We have Gizmo set to restart when they log out of their Gizmo account, so it deletes the profile and re-makes it to log them out of Chrome and what not to protect user-data. Restarting the PC, I need to re-accept the ToS, but the refresh rate stays at 240 Hz with the "PC" 1080p resolution.


Is shutting down the PC, imaging, and then turning back on on another PC causing Nvidia Control Panel to reset to default? It still retains the "Highest Available" setting doing this.


Any ideas?

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