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Guns of Icarus Alliance Free code (1) Enjoy!


If intel knew you were giving away your code, would they approve?

Bethesda PC:   R7 3700X  -  Asrock B550 Extreme 4  -  Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 16GB@3.6GHz -  Zotac AMP Extreme 1080TI -  Samsung 860 Evo 256GB  -  WD Blue 2TB SSD -  500DX  -  Stock cooling lul  -  Rm650x

CrumpleBox V3:  Xeon X5680  -  Asus X58 Sabertooth  -  DDr3 16GB@1.33Ghz  -  Gigabyte 1660s -  TT smart RGB 700W  -  

Cooler Master Storm Trooper  -  120GB Samsung 850 Pro   -  LTT Edition Chromax NH-D15 ?


CrumpleBox 3 ROTF: I5-6400  -  MSI B150m Mortar  -  16GB 2133Mhz Vengeance Pro RGB  -  Strix 1070Ti - GTX 1070 FE  -  Adata 128GB SSD  -  Fractal Design Define C  -  Gammaxx 400V2  -  Cooler Master silent pro gold 1000W

CrumpleBox 2: i7-7820x - MSI X299 Raider - 32GB Thermaltake Toughram 3.6Ghz - 2x Sapphire Nitro Fury - 128GB PCie Adata SSD - O11 Dynamic - EVGA CLC 360 - Corsair RM1000X


Perhiperals:  Gateway 900p60 monitor  -  Dell 1024x768@75  -  Logi. G403 Carbon  -  Logi. G502  -  SteSer. Arctis 5  -  SteSer. Rival 110 - Corsair Strafe RGB MK.2



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