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Constant frame drops and low frame rates

Spec:  Ryzen 5 1600 

stock cooler

8 (2×4) ADATA 
500wd green 

zotac gtx 1070 mini 

500W psu coolermaster 80+

-So this is weird as I have talked about this problem months ago, back then I thought what cause all these frame drops was my CPU as it was set to auto in BIOS made it suck up to 1.4 volts for some reason no I manned up and decided to set the voltage manually and thank god it worked I am now at 1.24 V with a mild OC of 3.4 on all cores and RAM @ 2933mhz what is weird is after that the problem of my frame drops wasn't gone it's here to stay and I did update my BIOS as well to the latest 

I am tired of this any ideas what should I tried everything I could temps are within range nothing crazy or weird I don't know what to do.


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