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Hey i have gog code for the interested gamer


During some purchased I made on GoG I earned a free game. Now this game happens to be one of my all time turn based strategy favourites and is thus already in my possession.

So if your not afraid of 90's graphics on your state of the art machine I would want to invite anyone with a love for the old SSI and Fantasy to make use of this code. Redeem it on GoG and be my best friend forever.

I'm not planning to go trough all kinds of troubles with a lottery system or whatever I only hope that the taker of this code, if any,  will have the decency to leave a message behind :) 

Have Fun 

Yours sincerely 

code: PTMECD12980816E3EZ

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Did I forget the name of the game?? ??? 

How shamefull !!! 

ah well... 

Anyway welcome new best friend :D 
May your adventures be numerous and loaded with riches 
if you need any kind of directions your more then welcome to ask questions. 
On the gog forum you kan find directions on how you need to change the cycles that the game runs on....

though... cmon Chris lets be friendly to your new friend here ….

oke oke will do sir... 

In your fantasy general map you need to find the following file 


open the file with notepad 

Search for the following segment


#      core: CPU Core used in emulation. auto will switch to dynamic if available and appropriate.
#            Possible values: auto, dynamic, normal, simple.
#   cputype: CPU Type used in emulation. auto is the fastest choice.
#            Possible values: auto, 386, 386_slow, 486_slow, pentium_slow, 386_prefetch.
#    cycles: Amount of instructions DOSBox tries to emulate each millisecond.
#            Setting this value too high results in sound dropouts and lags.
#            Cycles can be set in 3 ways:
#              'auto'          tries to guess what a game needs.
#                              It usually works, but can fail for certain games.
#              'fixed #number' will set a fixed amount of cycles. This is what you usually need if 'auto' fails.
#                              (Example: fixed 4000).
#              'max'           will allocate as much cycles as your computer is able to handle.
#            Possible values: auto, fixed, max.
#   cycleup: Amount of cycles to decrease/increase with keycombo.(CTRL-F11/CTRL-F12)
# cycledown: Setting it lower than 100 will be a percentage.


There will be one difference with what you see in your file namely cycles=auto … change auto to 24000 or even 22000 to experience the gameplay in the way its ment to be.. auto will run to fast.. you won't have any time to see the enemy movements 


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23 minutes ago, Christiaan21-03 said:

Did I forget the name of the game??

What game did you purchase to get the free game?

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I purchased battle brothers and tower of time with them came Fantasy General and Everspace for free

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