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Building a budget E-sport gaming PC as a beginner


Hi guys so I decided to build my first gaming PC I only really play Exports like Lol, Dots 2 and Warframe. Other titles are a possibility. I have no intention of making this my "long term" machine. Maybe for about a yr or 2 before getting a new machine or upgrade slowly over time.


I'm thinking what would be best:

1) Buy a used Dell OPTIPLEX and slap in a graphics card. In that case I'm wondering what's the best card to use? Can I put an AMD  processor like the Ryzen3 2200g in something like a OPTIPLEX 990?


2) Build something from scratch

Parts I have in mind:


1) Ryzen3 2200g - processor

2) GTX 1050         - GPU 

3) Asus B350- F strix - motherboard 

Case...ram..and SSD need further research 


3) should I buy used parts over new and any recommended vendor. For what it's worth the build will be taking place in Jamaica meaning I have to buy the parts ship them to a US mailing address and then have them shipped to a shipping company in Jamaica and pay to pick them up so I may tend to may more for parts than someone in the US.

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Go with the new Ryzen machine.

8GB of ram, Get a EVGA 1050ti. better value.

If you look at my build, that's what i have (just my CPU is a I3-7100, which performs a bit less than your CPU)

and i get 50-60FPS on medium high settings 1080p.

I'm gonna go find my own tech support...


(Welcome to LTT Forums)

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get a b450 mobo, otherwise you might have to go through a bios update


also, 2x4 ddr4 3000 or 3200mhz ram


gtx 1050 not needed, but it would help

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