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RTX 2080 Issues.

I bought a Geforce RTX 2080 Asus Strix and I've been using it for exactly a month now, all of a sudden my screen turns black or just a blank screen with a random color whenever I click on something specific or if my mouse is hovering over a color. I can't launch games anymore and rarely this weird glitchy pixel effect stretches across the screen and then the computer would freeze up for a few seconds then goes back to normal. Games will crash upon launch and the screen will go black when I'm doing other things like going on the internet and sometimes it'll just go black when it's idle.

Things I've done from the top of my head and from other peers:
-Uninstall drivers and reinstall them
-Place GPU in other GPU slot
-Reinstall Windows 10
-Use DDU to completely remove any drives for GPU under safe mode and reinstall them
-Reseat RAM and CPU
-Changed power connectors on GPU

Here's a pic from task manager whenever the GPU decides to freak out.



My specs:
G.SKILL TridentX Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) RAM
Intel Core i7-8700k
NZXT Kraken Liquid CPU Cooler
Corsair RM1000x PSU

If anyone can help me solve this issue that'd be great, otherwise I'll just get this replaced from the seller.

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replace it

thats pretty much just a fried gpu if it artifacts that bad , its a common problem

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Alright thank you guys. It's very unfortunate that it has to be this way but... what should I expect from a product that was rushed. :T

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