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OS freezing frequently


I've recently upgraded components in my PC:



i5-4460 -> i7-9700K

MSI Z97 PC Mate motherboard -> MPG Z390 GAMING PRO CARBON
generic 1080p monitor -> 240hz 1080p G-sync monitor
I have MSI GTX 1060 6GB


After a clean Windows 10 installation, I've experienced very annoying issues.

Almost every few minutes of doing something on the desktop (listening to music, watching videos, editing text in Libre Office, browsing web) I get computer freezes.
Everything stops reacting (can't close the browser, documents etc. and have to wait a few seconds or even a minute for this freeze to stop). Surprisingly, I can move mouse during the lag sometimes.
I found out that if I power off the monitor and power back, the freeze is gone and everthing I did with my mouse during the lag was actually processed.
Yesterday I installed new audio drivers from official website, because I had no way to adjust the settings and my headphones were showing as speakers. After installing these drivers, my screen freezes became even worse. I can't even move mouse and music / videos keep repeating current sound being played all over again.

But what makes this case mindblowing is that when playing games, I have no issues at all! Fortnite 160-240 fps without lags/stuttering, AC: Odyssey 45-70 stable fps ...


First, I thought it could be the G-sync issue, but after the audio driver messed up everything even more, I have no idea what to do.
Would another reinstall of Windows 10 help? I've finally installed all my favourite games, imported documents and browser bookmarks :-(


Thank you for any advice!

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try clean install all the drivers first see if it work. then proceed to clean install of windows.

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