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i5 4690k OC vcore reading problem

Hello all,

So I'm starting to overclock my i5 4690k, right now im at 4.4GHz and have set my CPU volts to 1.275

Im running stress tests (aida, ITB, OCCT,cinebench,realbench), and on HWmonitor & occt readings, the vcore is between 0.931-0.942 && the VID is at my set volts 1.275.

I thought vcore is the volts that is currently being sent through the CPU while VID is the reading of my set volts?

So why is vcore not going above 0.942? Is it a BIOS setting that is stopping this? or am i misinterpreting what vcore means?


Additional info:

my motherboard is ASUS Maximus VII Ranger


Thanks all.


Also, when should i touch LLC? its set to AUTO right now. & any other suggestions will be helpful.





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