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Wolfensteing - Going to Asia?

Hey all,


Just a theoretical, but when is the Wolfenstein series going to leave Europe or any other continent for the matter? If you read any of the news clippings in The New Order there is a bunch of mentions of Asian actives including the Great Wall of China.


Could there be a story line where the Euro rebellion goes on special ops to help liberate other continents/countries? Even a focus on the China/Japan version of the resistance?


Wolfenstein II does have America game play which covers some of the States at least.


With the Amazon series The Man in the High Castle kind of ideas there is a lot of room for creativity and more of an open world idea rather than the traditional mission by mission play. Even something like South America where the game could explore jungle warfare, mountains, and what places like Colombia, Argentina, and Chile specifically would have looked like. Not to mention Africa which we have met characters from.


Better potential than Fallout 76 at least.

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