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Getting a gaming chair at Christmas time


I'd wait for staples to have a sale and go try chairs, get something that fits you and supports your back

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@HAIJD This is a bit more than the two you have listed but check out the Massdrop AKRacing Aero. I have a different model AKRacing Chair that I purchased through Massdrop around a year ago and wish this model had been available at that time (I think they started offering it a couple months ago). The style is similar to the E-Win chair you have linked but  the quality and longevity are likely a bit higher on the AKRacing. The AKRacing has a 10 year Frame/5 year Chair/Parts Warranty, though the 10y/3y Warranty on the E-Win is much longer than I would have expected. As for your second choice, well..... personally I think it's a bit 'gamer gaudyo.OO.o:S but that's just my opinion so obviously it's correct. ;)


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