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Game streaming - help and advice please.


I have a desire to start playing more games, and in the process I want to do so whilst streaming to my Twitch channel.

To be clear, I'm not looking to become a pro or anything it's just more a case of having some fun gaming and sharing it on Twitch, hopefully on a regular basis (Work permitting of course).


The desktop I have for gaming is an older build with the following specs: Core i5-760, 8gb ram and a GTX 760 2gb

I will be playing something like Euro Truck 2 to start with, so nothing that demanding on my system and I'm not going to be playing anything AAA until I eventually

Also have a laptop with these specs, Core i5-4300u, 8GB ram, and Intel HD graphics which may be useful in some way.


I've streamed before with OBS but not properly, so I'm lost as to where to start and what people would recommend as a novice streamer.

For now it's likely some light PC gaming as above, but may end up doing console stuff too so that would be something to consider.



i5-760: Corsair Vengeance LP 8gb Asus GTX 760 2gb



i5-4300u: 8GB ram, Intel HD: 128GB: 1080p Touch

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Upload speed? That CPU is far from optimal, and laptop is nada also. You would need much newer i5 (at least Ivy) or i7 (Sandy would be enough). GPU is ok-ish, but just to get baseline, what kind of FPS you are getting at best?

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