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Ticking sound from desktop computer


Hello all.


I have recently starter hearing ticking sounds from my computer, this happens after a few hours of usage. But i have not been able to pinpoint where this is coming from, and what component i need to change our or do changes to.

Maybe someone here has had a similar issue?


There are no performance issues when the sound is there, and overall the computer is acting normally. The CPU temps and fans are around 45C and 1150 rpm for the fan, the GPU is just under 60C, 1200rpm for the fan.


I have attached a sound file that i made of the sound, and the sound can also get louder sometimes.



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Yeah, i have thought of that. Problem is that the sound only lasts for a few seconds, and before i can react to it it most of the time has disappeared. The sound can last anywhere from 2-5 seconds.


But you think it's a fan issue?


EDIT: I actually stopped the case fans and the cpu fan, and i could still hear a faint ticking sound, could it come from the PSU fan? I have a Corsair VS550 550W PSU

EDIT 2: After i did some digging is is indeed the PSU, there are multiple people out there who are facing the same issue.


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