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Coolermaster ML240R RGB & MSI Gaming pro carbon AC


Not sure whether this is the correct place to ask this but I am about to build a PC using these Components

Processor: Intel i7 9700k

Motherboard: MSI Gaming pro carbon AC

Memory: 2x8gb corsair vengeance rgb pro @3200mhz

Storage: Samsung 970 evo 256gb nvme SSD & Seagate barracuda 2tb

GPU: MSI RTX 2070 gaming z


I have ordered a coolermaster ML240R rgb aio liquid cpu cooler and have never done a build with RGB before, The Cooler comes with an RGB controller but just wondered if when using the MSI z390 gaming pro carbon will i need to use it or can i just plug the fan and pump power into the mobo and then all 3 rgb cables into the splitter and directly into the JRGB header on the motherboard and use MSI mystic light or is the controller required still?

thanks in advance

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