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SuperMicro Standard or Custom 8Pin CPU Pinout?

Hi guys, 
I got a SuperMicro X9DRI-LN4F+ for free but I don't have the Original PSU and I am not sure if thy use a Standard Pinout. Do they? Because by looking on the PCB for me it doesn't seem so. 


This CPU 8 Pin looks Normal (Near CPU1, called JPW2)
   IMG_20181208_203310.thumb.jpeg.c594f8f757f862e6f096f704122bad29.jpeg   IMG_20181208_203345.thumb.jpeg.54df986c664e199e9d8d1a9060a2bc0f.jpeg

But this CPU 8 Pin looks weird (Nearer to CPU2, called JPW3)
IMG_20181208_203359.thumb.jpeg.261aced0c46482255ec7ae5fb9425239.jpeg   IMG_20181208_203418.thumb.jpeg.c3fb87cc161109406d5ecd23b23cc724.jpeg

I tried to figrue out the pins with a multimeter but there must be some reverse voltage protection diodes in place because all the pins have connection be just swapping the leads ? 
Has anyone of you experiance to Server mainboards form supermicro?

Thanks for help in advance :)

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LGA2011. I can say it's modern enough and non-proprietary enough of a board that any PSU will do.


If a regular EPS 8-pin doesn't fit then it needs something special. If it does fit (and it should) then it's standard and "any" PSU will do.

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