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Best B450 Micro-ATX Motherboard for Future 7nm APU!

Hello guys! I'm new here so I apologize if my question sounds pretty dumb. I have to make a hard decision so i need your opinions.


I am planning to buy a Micro-ATX motherboard for my APU build with a 2400g, however since the leaks from the new 7nm ryzen came out, I found myself in a tight spot. I want the B450m that I am going to buy to be able to support the new 7nm APU's without a problem should I choose to upgrade.


The speculated specs for the R3 3300g is 6C-12T+15CU Navi

for the R5 3600G its 8C-16T+20CU Navi.


My choices are the ASUS TUF B450m


and MSI B450m Mortar Titanium.



BTW  I don't know how to read the specs of the motherboard(VRM,Phase, etc.) but I want the APU to be stable and cooled.


Buildzoid recommends the ASUS TUF on his Gamers Nexus reviews(Jump to 26:42) 



However there are also pretty good reviews on the MSI B450m Mortar but none really specified that they are good for APU's.

So which is the best for an APU build? I'll add a GPU later on.

thanks alot!

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