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Looking for the best budget 27 inch 1440 p 60~ hz monitor



im looking for a monitor in these specs:

1.27 inch
2.60 hz or more
3. bezelless, sleek desing
5.<300euro(350 usd~)(max 350 euro)(400~ usd)
6.Vesa would be good

what i managed to found is this:

  1. lenovo p27q (300~e)

  2. aoc q2790pqu(314~e)

  3. aoc q2781pq(330~e)

  4. hp e273q(320~e)

  5. hp pavilion 27q(300~e)

  6. asus vz27aq(330~e)

  7. dell u2715h(350~e)

Maybe some1 could make atleast a top3 or a top5 from these monitors? if i missed some good models please add them. Im not a gamer, mostly i will use it for studying,coding,surfing the web, watching videos, so im looking for the best image.
Thank you

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