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No Display / motherboard led not lighting up


My build from a few years ago stopped working randomly after an hour of turning it off. It will start up and my cpu does turn on. On the motherboard there are debug lights witch states that my cpu has an problem but i could not find any and i checked all of the cords to see if any were not in properly 

I got an

-msi gtx 1050ti

-z270 gaming carbon pro

-i3 6300

-corsair vs 650 

-A shitty intel cooler thing

-Also 16gb of ram

I also tried swapping the motherboard to check if that was the problem but now it won't even start up and just start flashing light when i turn on the power. Without or with Gpu it will not show a display. I think it has to do with the power supply. Also tried swapping the Ram.


If someone could help thank u

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