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Exporting and Uplodaing in HDR format?


So the capture device I use records in 4k hdr. When i use handbrake without editing some of the videos, they upload just fine when I select the h.264 10 bit option. My phone is able to recognize the hdr format with no issues. The issue arises when I use pretty much any video editing software. One of two things happen when I use them. 


1. When i copy the video onto the software, it only recognizes the audio portion of the mp4 formatted video

2. If it does recognize the audio and video of the mp4, I simply don't see any or have any options for any kind of 8, 10, or 12 bit coloring, to export, and hence I cannot upload to youtube in hdr because of that. 


What am I doing wrong here, if anything at all? Please, please, I need help in this matter. I know that both codec and format come into play when it comes to editing and creating videos, as well as uploading, but when I edit them, I'm essentially not able to upload to youtube due to the editing programs, or me being plain dumb and not knowing what I'm doing. Btw I've used a myriad of programs, such as shotcut, openshot, windows movie maker, and a couple of others. researched online and can't find any definitive answers. Can't afford an expensive program such as adobe premiere either fyi. 

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