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Addressable RGB to normal RGB? Did I mess up?

Hi there. So, I just bought 4 Cooler Master addressable RGB fans (MF120R ARGB) and I also got a Cooler Master Rgb Led Controller, since my MOBO doesn't have an RGB connector. However, as I was trying to set everything up, I realized that the ARGB cable of the fans had 3 (.. .) ports while the RGB led controller had 4 (....), and came with 4 two way 4 pins connector (¦¦¦¦), so basically, I can connect the 4 pins connector to the 4 ports of the controller, but I can't connect them to the 3 ports of the fans (one is sealed).

Is there a workaround? Could I just bend one pin so I can connect it to the fans? Or did I just mess up?

Thank you in advance. 


It should be noted that I got a 3pack of the fans, so I got some extra cables (and a 3pin to 3pin connector, which I'd guess it can be connected to the controller 4 port connector and only one fan (?) 

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