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ROG Strix 1080ti rgb connector to Cosmos II c700p

Go to solution Solved by alfredomova,

it does work...


I have this card and case for the last 3 o 4 months now and I was afraid to connect that cable ?‍♂️

I have a ROG Strix 1080ti which has these connectors:




there is a the red header that is supposed to be use to control RGB led strips,


my case, that is a Cooler Master Cosmos II C700P, has this cable:


that is an rgb input,

so the question is, can i connect this cable to my graphics card? it does fit in the header, but, will it work? can i match colors between case and graphics card? my motherboard has no rgb header of any type. pls help :(






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It says rgb header, so it should work. Just make sure that the little arrow on the rgb cable goes into the 12V pin.

I only see your reply if you @ me.

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