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rtx2070 RGB Battlestation for 2019


Current specs:

CPU: i54460

CPU cooler: stock

Mobo: Asrock B85m-hds

GPU: Windforce gtx 970

Storage: samsung 850evo 250gb 1 tb hdd

psu: antec 550w 

ram: 1x 8gb ddr3

Monitor res: 1080p

Peripherals: Everything made by corsair for icue link


What I want: 

Plans for 1440p monitor, Decent mobo (with aurasync if possible and rgb headers), Pretty good cpu for gaming ONLY no need for multi threaded tasks and the most important component of any build: rgb lighting/fans/ledstrips. +15fps

I need the cpu to be powerful enough for the rtx 2070(may change according to recommendations) I want to be able to play AAA games in 2019. Anything above 60fps on 1440p is fine.

 PC Case for showing off the sweet sweet rgb. 

As for now I only plan to upgrade my CPU, Mobo, and ofc ram.(Within 600usd Cheap but decent on the mobo w/atleast 1 rgb header and aurasync capable, OC not required (ram not incl)) 

 PC case recommendations are also welcome. (within 70 to 100usd)

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4 minutes ago, MoneyISthebottleneck said:

Need a best bang for the buck cpu and mobo (ddr 4 ram not incl)as cheap as possible and another recommendation within 600 usd

If you want the best value get a ryzen 5 2600 and a b350 or b450 motherboard depending on price. However, if you are just gaming and want a little bit better performance, you can get a 8600k/9600k and a z370 or z390 depending on availability and price.

 PC: A10 6700, 8gb DDR3 1600mhz, GTX 1050ti, 1TB HDD and Prebuilt motherboard, case, power supply & cooler

Laptop (Asus Vivovook X510UA): i5 8250u 8gb DDR4 2400mhz 256gb SSD

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For gaming only, a B360 and i5 8400 is your best bet at a lower price. The 9700k and a Z390 would be a large step up in price, with a decent performance increase. For both gaming and multi-threaded tasks, I'd get a good VRMed B350 and Ryzen 1700.

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