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ASUS Qos service configurations

Islam Ghunym

I have a set of questions related to Qos service in ASUS Routers.

I have DSL-N12E_C1 Router and it comes with Qos service but I want to know how this service will work according to some configuration states.

what I want exactly from this service is lowering priority to a set of devices by themselves only, in addition to that I want to prioritize gaming ports on every other device, I also want to lower priority for downloadingand give a higher priority for surfing for every other device than listed in low priority.


now I wanna know how router will act for some combination of rules such as:

if I chose a set of MAC adresses and gave them lowest priority then I chose some https ports to give them highest priority for any connected device, now how will the router act for the devices which I have lowered the priority when they will use http ports that I have assigned as highest priority, will they use them in low priority or high priority?


another example: if I gave a device highest priority then I chose a service which I want to give also highest priority and another service to lower it's priority, how will the router act? will it give the lowerd priority ports the highest priority on the assigned device as highest priority or it will give those lowered ports the low priority even on the highest priority devices?


another state: if I gave 2 rules for the same device, 1st rule giving highest priority, 2nd rules gives the same devive low priority!.

how this thing will act.


note that I am asking this question to know the way how this service works, so I can benefit from it.

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