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Realtek Deep sleep mode problem after Reformat and Installing new OS.


Okay I was asked by my neighbor to reformat his PC and install windows 10. I know that you don't need LAN drivers for windows 10 because I assume that you can put a LAN cable directly and It will connect to the internet(my friend told me). 


Everything went Good with reformatting till I realized the PC cannot connect to a network. I went to the gigabyte website (The motherboard is GA-F2A58M-DS2) and Downloaded the realtek drivers windows 10 version but all I encounter was this Image result for realtek deep sleep mode


Before I went to this forum for a last resort. I did everything, I troubleshooted,  checked the bios if Lan was enabled, I search GOOGLE for how many hours, watched other threads which has [SOLVED] tag and applied the solution but Still not working. I also reinstalled the OS again, Reset cmos and before I'm gonna rollback the bios version to an older version, I decided to post here because who knows people might have the same problem before. so anyone encountered a problem like this and got it fixed?


Thank you and I think I'm posting in the wrong section but I do think this is a motherboard problem?

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