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HDD Cable HP 14 Laptops





Costco recently sold an HP 14-DF0023CL






I wanted to install a hard drive but had trouble finding the necessary cable for it. HP says it needs L23187-001 but that doesn't exist anywhere. I contacted HP and the lead me to 5 of their suppliers. They also had nothing.

came across this on Google Express. Look similar enough. tried it and it worked.


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I used the harddisk flex cable with model number DD0X18HD011 (10 pins) which is meant for HP 15-AB but it is compatiable with part number is L23187-001.
This cable works with my HP Laptop 14s-cf0012TU:

Only after I bought the DD0X18HD011 then I found this website:

You can also look into these websites:

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