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Ryzen B450 Tomahawk RAM ?

I will be using a 2600x, a 1070 ti, 16gb of RAM and a B450 tomahawk mobo. I cannot decide on RAM. I read some people have had issues with RAM compatability and XMP issues with the B450 Tomahawk. Im considering some B die GSkill but the price is so steep in the UK and stock at my supplier is restricted to TridentZ 3200 C:14 (fancy expensive RGB) and TridentZ 3000 C14. They have some other TridentZ 3000 and 3200 that are C:15 or C:16 but i do not think they are B die. They dont have any flarex in stock or id consider those. From what i can tell if i buy any of their other RAM its not going to be Bdie and thus no better than a Corsair alternative.


How much importance does this really have?


I want to make the most out of XFR/POB and XMP stuff so im trying to buy the correct hardware before hand. Its difficult though because im a newb, a lot of info is dated and im unsure how significant Bdie RAM will be to my computers gaming performance. Ive been considering some lpx vengeance stuff thats 3000 C:15, the smaller nature should help me fit it under my noctua cooler which is a bonus. Its CMK16GX4M2B3000C15W which im sure isnt B die, however someone i spoke to said they were running it with their 2600x and it was working fine. This could just be good luck on their part though right?


Im quite confused at the moment, this RAM issue is the last thing preventing the build being built. Cant decide what to do for fear of making a mistake. Also concerned about paying a huge premium for B die and getting little to no benefit from it as im not an expert and have no experience overclocking at all, i just want to turn the auto stuff on and let it do its thing, ideally. Sorry for the wall of text. Thinking out loud and hoping someone with experience can give me clarity. Im not sure what to do and dont want to spend £100+ more for RAM that i may not need or wont benefit enough from.

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ram compatible issue is exaggerated, you'll be fine if you stick to named dimm makers. just do it.

why everybody post the spec of their rig here? i dont! cuz its made of mashed potatoes!

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