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Which side should I put my radiator fan?

I have bought a CIO liquid cooler and am wondering what side should i put my radiator fan, since it does not both fit in my case.

It is a Ml120r and is on the radiator is on the back of my case

Option 1: Should i put the fan closest to the back of the case

Option 2: Should i put the fan inside with the motherboard and cpu

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I personally set it so the fan pulling air through. I feel like it dosent impact the dust into the radiator as much as in push. 

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We refer to radiator fan placement relative to the direction the fan is moving air. 


"Push" means that the fan is pulling air from an open space and pushing it through the radiator.


"Pull" means that the back of the fan is against the radiator, so it pulls air through the radiator and the front (exit) side of the fan is facing the open space.


Your option 1 is pull, your option 2 is push.


It probably won't make any difference since either way the fan is pulling case air. 

The reason @COUPER MILLAR mentioned dust is that if you have a radiator acting as an intake, usually people will want to set the fans up as pull so that incoming dust gets stuck on the non-fan side of the radiator for easier cleaning (whereas if you set up an intake radiator with fans on the outside, the dust will get stuck on the radiator side where the fans are touching so you'd need to remove the fans to clean the radiator).

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