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I Need Help to buy the right parts for Video editing, color correcting and streaming games

Before I start , I want to thank everyone that will take his time to help me on my quest of building the right rig for me !


Keep in mind that I am from Canada 

My budget : 3500 $ on the whole Tower ( if you have suggestion for the monitors , I am willing to take notes plus this build has to be confortable to push on 1440p 90-144hz if more ... no problem) .


I need a system that can streams High demanding games like ( PUBG,Destiny 2,Monster hunter World) , be able to edit in 4K ( or at least rfast rendering performance ) and be able to do color correcting ( on DaVinci).

I am getting in 100 % in the cinema industry and I want to realise I own  project or be able to work on other people project.


I can't allow myself to have ''potato'' parts And do not add an HDD Rack enclosure ( let's focus just on the tower )

I'll work mostly on Adobe premier, Da vinci and stream with streamlabs obs.


**I have A Zotac 970 in my current build that I can dedicate for encoding the streaming plus an Crucial SSD 275 GB 


Once again Thank you all

Sorry if I'm repeating myself xD

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Dont edit game footage at 4k, its pointless and not beneficial. 1440p 60 FPS is a lot smoother, and is a lot less stressful. If you are using adobe, you may want to go x299 route, and then do dual PC system as this will yield better playing and results, although can be a bit more annoying to set up.


I would also be very careful about spending this much without having a huge following and consistent following, you should be making a fair bit of money before investing this type of money into a machine.

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As a streamer , I have a long way to go ( and I am working on it ) but as for editing , I have to be able to handle heavy projects 
Just to give you an example , I get a lot of reference of big client for some projects such as these




I want to be able to work at my place ( they allow me to  ) ...
It's true, I don't need to edit in 4K but I need something strong enough to work with Heavy video files ( RAW format ).
I don't want to do this as an hobbyist ... Like I say I want to be ready in all field if possible ...
I have a lot of work to do and I am super hyped but I have to be sure that I'll be set with the industry standard !

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